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Best Introduction To MATLAB For Beginners 2020


What is MATLAB?

When you Introduction To Matlab first you have to know the whole property of matlab. Matlab is a programming-based tool used for an engineer, scientists and also used who is interest in programming. The main thing about a MatLab is its language. Matlab language is called MatLab heart.

Introduction To Matlab
Introduction to matlab

why we use MATLAB?

1)Analyze data

2)Develop algorithms

3)Create applications                

4)Create models

Introduction To Matlab
Introduction to matlab

MATLAB users

Million millions of scientists and engineers in industry and academia use MATLAB.

There are many methods in numerical which are used in MATLAB

1. Bisection method

2. regula falsi method

3. Secant method

4. Newton Raphson method

5. Gauss-seidel method

6. Interpolation

 Forward Differences table

7. Least square method

MATLAB comments for Introduction To MATLAB:

Operation, constant MATLAB
(division)    /
(multiplication) *
+ (addition) +
|x| (absolute value of x) abs(x)
square root of x sqrt(x)
ex exp(x)
ln x (natural log) log(x)
log10 x (base 10 log) log10(x)
sin x sin(x)
cos x cos(x)
tan x tan(x)
cot x cot(x)
arcsin x asin(x)
arccos x acos(x)
arctan x atan(x)
arccot x acot(x)
n! (n factorial) gamma(n+1)
e exp(1)
p  pi
 (imaginary unit, sqrt(-1)) i

Vectors and matrices Introduction To MATLAB

We create a vector in MATLAB by putting the elements within third bracket.

Example: x= [ 1 3 5 7 9]

We can also create this vector by typing x=1:5. The vector {2 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3} can be created by typing x=[2 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3] or typing x=2:0.2:3.

According to the following example matrices can be write as:

A=(9 8 7;

       6 5 4;

       3 2 1)

 is created by typing

A=[9 8 7 ; 6 5 4; 3 2 1]

If the matrices are of the same dimensions then matrix addition, matrix subtraction and scalar multiplication works just like we are used to.()

Example: Type

x=[3 2 1]

y =[6 5 4]






Sum=[9 7 5]

Subtraction=[6 6 6]

Multiplication=[3 2 1]

Pretend or Pre-ordained Functions and Help

When you first Introduction To MATLAB then you need some help and need some command

The basic MATLAB package provides you with a number of functions that are useful for working with numbers, arrays and many other things. All of the following functions are part of the MATLAB base(You should to understand the function) : sin, cos, sqrt, abs, ceil, isprime, gcd, lcm, find, rot90, size, length, isempty, and isequal.

There are some available functions for Introduction To MATLAB package, you can type the following commands:

help elfun                           (elementary mathematical functions)

help specfun                      (specialized mathematical functions)

help elmat                          (elementary matrices and matrix manipulations)

Available to MATLAB’s Image Processing Toolbox, Type the following command in below:

help images                        (Image Processing Toolbox)

Display help for the containers package, the Map class, and the is Key method:

help containers

help containers.Map

help containers.Map.isKey

When you need help on a specific function, you can type:

help functionName

For instance, if you want to know more about the sin function. You can type:

help sin

or better yet:

doc sin

It’s mean that it is part of the MATLAB core and you cannot see the code behind this function. The file (acosd.m) is stored in: matlabroot\toolbox\matlab\elfun (where matlabroot is the installation directory of MATLAB). You can view this file directly from MATLAB.

If you want to edit, you can type:

edit acosd


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