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Best Smartphone AMOLED Display in 2020


What is Super AMOLED display?

Super AMOLED is a display that has a combined touch objective: Instead of having a layer that Organize touch on the top of the screen, the layer is combined into the screen itself. Many other smartphone AMOLED companies used Super AMOLED display.

It provides viewing experience for everyone who interest about it. It offers a wide range of colors with an incredible degree or unbelievable of color clarity which describes into far greater resolution.

 Which company assemble smartphone AMOLED?

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Tianma
  • Japan display Inc
  • Au optronics
  • Sharp
  • Foxconn

BOE of Smartphone display AMOLED Panels

BOE means Bill of Exchange. BOE has outlined plans to expand production of AMOLED display panels for mobile devices for upcoming year. The company to be encouraged as it is adding two or more AMOLED production lines to its fleet, yet their ramp to full capacity is something that remains to be seen. The company has also noted that LCD panel supply is exceed

Their demand, which motivated them to makes AMOLED a much more lucrative market at this time.

chairman of the company, Chen Yanshun, said that “The company would more than triple production of smartphone AMOLED display panels for smartphones as early as upcoming year, allowing it to ship upwards of 70 million units. And we also tried to increase our production”.

smartphone AMOLED
smartphone amoled


AMOLED and OLED are two of the most popular or famous and one of the best screen technologies currently in use on android phones, and are the display tech of choice for two of the most popular and best Android phones around in the world.


• OLED means Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLED display is manufactured by a material that glows when hitting it with electricity.

smartphone AMOLED
smartphone oled

Advantages of OLED

There are some advantages of OLED in below:

•       OLED provides a good quality display.

•       Don’t require backlighting.

•       OLEDs has a much faster response time.

•       It is cost-effective.

•       LEDs is less bright than OLEDs.

Disadvantages of OLED

There are some disadvantages of OLED in below:

•       OLED does not provide resistance against water and any liquid. Some liquid (like Water) can easily damage the it. So, you need to carefully.

•       It has variation in color balance. There are many colors.

•       The lifetime of OLEDs is much shorter as compared to LCD and PDP display technologies.



Smartphone AMOLED is a display that combined Touch objective: Instead of having a layer that Organize touch on the top of the screen. AMOLED display is most used in laptops, mobiles, and televisions as it offers great performance or consummation.

smartphone AMOLED
smartphone amoled

Advantages of AMOLED

There are some advantages of AMOLED in below:

•       AMOLED has a much faster refresh rate

•       AMOLED has offered much better viewing angles

•       They are also used in industrial applications.

•       It can be easily impacted of any size into a display.

Disadvantages of AMOLED

There are very few disadvantages of AMOLED display in below:

•       It is very likely to screen burn-in.

•       AMOLED displays are very costly as compared to any other display.


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